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Terms and Conditions:

1. Depending on the initial deposit your bonus will be in tha amount of:


250-499 EUR/USD - 125 EUR/USD bonus

500-999 EUR/USD - 250 EUR/USD bonus

1000-2999 EUR/USD - 350 EUR/USD bonus

3000-4999 EUR/USD - 750 EUR/USD bonus

5000-9999 EUR/USD - 1000 EUR/USD bonus

Above 10000 EUR/USD - 2000 EUR/USD bonus

2. Every client can recieve only one bonus 

3. To withdraw the bonus you need to trade 20 000 for every 1 euro(dollar) bonus up to 12 months after the deposing the funds*.

4. After the end of the 12 month period the part of the bonus that is not freed will be taken from the account.

5. If the account equity is less than the amount of the bonus Bull Trend Brokerage can without warning close the client's open positions.

6. Before the needed turnover to free the bonus is not realized the client can not withdraw any of his funds. If he nevertheless requests to withdraw funds Bull Trend Brokerage can take back the bonus amount before executing the request.

7. Bull Trend Brokerage will not be responsible for any losses which are as a result of retaking the bonus

8. This promotion does not have a set period.

9. Bull Trend Brokerage can change or end this promotion or part of it at any time without warning.

To receive a bonus you just need to open a live account in the trading platform Bull Trend Trader and deposit funds in it.


*Conditions for withdrawing the bonus

To free 1 euro (dollar) from the bonus you need to trade 20 000 (0.2 lots) and the trade needs to be:

- open for at least 15 minutes;

- has profit/loss of at least 3 pips;

- the position has not been hedged. The position is considered hedged if:

1. The opposite position is opened 15 minutes after the original one;

2. The difference between the original position and the hedging one is no more than 20%;

3. The hedging position closed 15 minutes before or after the original position;

3. There are opposite positions from two different accouns at the same time.









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