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Bull Trend Trader consists of the following elements:

1. main menu and toolbar;

2. the "Market Watch" window;

3. the "Navigator" window;

4. the "Chart" window;

5. the "Terminal" window;

1. The main menu of the program and the toolbars allow for the quick execution of various operations and the modification of terminal settings.
2. In the "Market Watch" window you receive, in real time, bilateral quotes on instruments that you choose to be displayed.
3. Using the "Navigator" window, you can quickly perform such commonly used actions as changing an account, adding an indicator to a chart, etc.
4. In the "Chart" window you can see the dynamic price movement of a specific instrument. You can add various analytical objects to the chart: linear tools, technical indicators, text, etc.
5. In the "Terminal" window you can see the open positions and orders, the history of trade transactions and of deposited and withdrawn funds. In the same window you can receive real-time financial news from leading information agencies, as well as personal messages from the dealing center via the internal e-mail of Bull Trend Trader.


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